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Ideal daily Natural Health Juice Supplement
{One of the richest source of Natural Vitamin C }

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Amla is gift of nature to mankind. The amla Fruit contains more than 80% of water. It also has protein, carbohydrate, fiber, minerals and vitamins. Vitamin C is important for human beings. The Amla juice is even better than the orange juice in its vitamin C levels. It has 30 times more vitamin C than an orange, which makes it one of the richest vitamin C fruits available. Research has proven that vitamin C can reduce the severity of colds, act as a natural antihistamine and boost the immune system. Amla Juice is said to have great rejuvenating and antioxidant property. It is cooling, diuretic, Laxative, Its anti- bactirial & Its Astringent properties prevent infection & help in healing of ulcers.

Benefits of Amla Amrit Juice
May be helpful for :
Hyper acidity & peptic Ulcers
Rich source of vitamin C
As a good appetizer
Healthy Digestion
General health tonic
Boosting immunity
Acts as an anti-oxidant
Serving Size
Take 30 ml twice daily,
direct or mixed with water
or fruit juice before meal.