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Ideal daily Natural Health Juice Supplement
{Well stabillzed pure Aloe vera Juice – Fibrous or Non Fibrous }

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Aloe Vera (Ghrita Kumari): Aloe Vera is one of the oldest medicinal plant gifted by nature. It is a miracle plant in historical books. It has tremendous healing power. Aloe Vera contains almost 20 amino acids, vital minerals like calcium, magnesium & sodium & it also contains enzymes, vitamins, polysaccharides. Its principal Constituents are the leaves, that contains barbaloin, glycoside & the aglycone, aloe – amodion. Aloe Vera have long being used for the number of disease particularly those connected with the digestive system as it is very good de – toxificant.

Benefits of Aloe vera Juice
May be helpful for :
Boosting immunity
Acts as an anti – oxidant
Healthy skin & hair
Healthy Digestion
Acts as an anti –allergic fungal infection
Serving Size
Take 30 ml twice daily
direct or mixed with water
or fruit juice before meal.